Wounded Warrior Softball Team Challenges South Florida Police

The team will play against the Miami Beach Police and fire departments

Look for Miami area police officers to don a new uniform this weekend. The ones they’ll be wearing for softball at Flamingo Park in Miami Beach.

‪​The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball team has traveled to South Florida to play against the Miami Beach Police and fire departments.

The Warrior softball team is made up of veterans from the wars in Iran and Afghanistan who lost limbs during their service.

“For most of us, it was the IED blast,” said Army Corporal and Third Baseman Saul Bosquez. “Most of us were either walking or in a Humvee when I got hurt, and it hit our vehicle, and took out my leg.”

But for what the Warrior team lacks physically, they more than make up for in heart and ability, Bosquez added.

“Been times we've been down for 10-12 runs, came back, tied it up, and won the game. We won't quit,” he said standing on the Flamingo Park baseball field.

The Wounded Warrior team travels the country challenging teams who serve their communities.

Often, the team said, their competition have no idea what they’re going up against.

“They're in for a show, I think a lot of people come out here and underestimate us a little bit, until, like the first inning is over,” Lance Corporal Josh Wege told NBC Miami.

Coach David Van Sleet said anyone going up against them needs to be good.

​His team is chock full of strong athletes.

“Short stop was throwing close to 90 miles per hour in high school, left field was runs three to five miles per day,” he said.

The Warriors are slated to play against the Miami Beach Police and Fire Departments first. The police departments from the City of Miami, Hialeah, and Miami-Dade will hold a tournament over the weekend to determine which team gets to go up against the Warriors.

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