Orlando Nightclub Shooting Victims, 53 Wounded

The death toll is chilling, with at least 49 people killed in a barrage of gunfire at Pulse nightclub in Orlando Sunday evening.

Over 300 people were reportedly inside the club at the time of the shooting, which begun shortly after 2 AM. SWAT team officers moved into the club around 5:15 AM, killing the 29 year old shooter, Omar Mateen.

"It was just, people were hiding in bathrooms, people were crying outside hysterically, it's just crazy," said Tamara Colon, who was at the club during the shooting.

As the identities of the victims are announced by city officials online, family members of possible victims anxiously pace back and forth between Orlando Regional Medical Center and the Hampton Inn, where a family assistance center has been set up.

Sara Lopez, friend of possible victim says, "I know authorities are doing everything, and I appreciate it, but every minute that passes that I know Jimmy is laying on the floor, it's killing me."

Families have already received the tragic news. As of Sunday night, eight victims were confirmed to have lost their lives in the early morning massacre.

"When I do put the pain all together it's gonna be very hard for me, it's gonna be sad. I'm still trying to process how to take it," said Andrew Aleman, friend of victims. "Your surroundings, you have to always be aware of your surroundings because you don't know when you last day is going to come, so live for tomorrow.

Dozens are fighting to survive after the mass shooting in Orlando that killed at least 50. NBC 6’s Laura Rodriguez is in Orlando with the latest

At least 53 people are injured, many of them in critical condition at Orlando Regional Medical Center. The hospital was temporarily placed on lockdown for visitors, but received patients.

Officials have set up a hotline for victims' families to call at 407-246-4357.

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