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Zoo Miami Welcomes Sumatran Tiger Cub

Zoo Miami has an adorable new addition!

Representatives with Zoo Miami announced that a 4-year-old female Sumatran tiger named Leelo gave birth to a male cub on Saturday, Nov. 14. This was Leelo's first pregnancy.

The cub has been in seclusion with his mother since his birth. Zoo officials hope that the isolation will protect the mother and cub and help them to establish a strong mother-son bond.

Staff members are keeping their distance from mother and cub

This marks the first Sumatran tiger birth at Zoo Miami, and only the fourth in the United States this year.

Currently, there are only 70 Sumatran tigers living in U.S. zoos.

Researchers believe there are fewer than 500 of the engandered Sumatran tigers in the wild.

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