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Grandma Was Teen's Getaway Driver in New Jersey Home Robbery: Police



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    Police have arrested a northern New Jersey grandmother who they say acted as the getaway driver for her grandson and his friend after a home robbery.

    Shortly after Monday's theft, officers received a tip that led them to a vehicle stopped in the Hibernia section of Rockaway Township.

    Police found items reported stolen by the homeowner in the car, which totaled $4,000.

    The Daily Record reports 78-year-old Vera Buniak was charged with possession of stolen property. Her grandson, 18-year-old Timothy Buniak, was charged with burglary, theft, possession of stolen property and drug charges.

    Police say Vera Buniak was charged "as part of the process" despite potentially not knowing that a crime was being committed.

    Vera Buniak's phone was out of order. It is unknown if the three have attorneys.