Alligator Found Outside Dallas Middle School Released Into Trinity River

An officer was patrolling the area near Steam Middle School when he saw what he thought was a log

A large alligator found outside a Dallas' Steam Middle School early Wednesday morning has a new home, according to game wardens. [[380770541,C]]

Dallas police said an officer was patrolling the area near Steam Middle School on the 9300 block of South Polk Street just after midnight when he saw what he thought was a log.

As the officer approached, he realized it was actually a 6-foot alligator outside the school.

Dallas County Game Warden officials arrived at the school at about 4 a.m. and captured the gator. Game Warden Jamie Sanchez speculated that the gator wandered to the school from the nearby Trinity River.

Authorities say they found a 6-foot alligator outside Steam Middle School in Dallas early Wednesday morning.

Officials said they were moving the gator to the Palmetto-Alligator Slough Preserve in Seagoville. They were unable to obtain a permit quickly enough, though, so they released the gator into the Trinity River in south Dallas County.

Alligators are native to North Texas and it is not uncommon to see them near streams and rivers. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, alligators sometimes move between habitats in the spring and summer.

Tips on what you can do if you see an alligator can be found here.

Dallas police officers help Texas Game Warden authorities capture a 6-foot alligator found near a middle school early Wednesday morning.
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