Boy Shocked After Sticking Pencil Flip in Viral Stunt

The water bottle flipping craze has swept social media for nearly a year, but one young flipper has now accomplished the seemingly impossible.

Twelve-year-old Lawrence LeClair recorded himself successfully flipping a pencil during breakfast at his family’s home in Royalton, Ohio on Sunday.

Eyes wide, mouth open and pencil flip landed; LeClair’s face said it all. He was in utter shock that he’d successfully accomplished the feat.

The viral stunt was posted on his Instagram account, which was started in collaboration with three of his friends.

"The water bottle flipping craze started it and then I told my friend we should start a flip account," LeClair told NBC.

The sixth-grader’s Instagram account, which features the friends flipping everything from markers to water bottles, was created nearly a month ago and already has hundreds of followers.

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