Channing Tatum Parodies Jean-Claude Van Damme's “Most Epic of Splits” Commercial

We all said "oh Damme" when we saw the Muscles from Brussels do the "most epic of splits" between, oh, two Volvo trucks.

Jean-Claude Van Damme's awe-inspiring display of flexibility in the Swedish carmaker's overseas commercial inspired Channing Tatum to try to repeat the feat.

The 31-year-old hunk uploaded the hysterical video to his YouTube account on Tuesday, Nov. 19. Tatum is in character as Jenko, on the set of his comedy, "22 Jump Street."

"I've had my ups and downs," Tatum's voiceover begins with Enya's "Only Time" playing in the background, just like Van Damme's commercial. He looks pensive as he stares down at the ground.

"Being an undercover cop, that's what made me what I am today," he continues. "Surviving high school is no easy task. Neither is being a college freshman at my age. But because of this, my body is now engineered to defy the law of physics. And the mindset to master the most epic of splits."

As the camera begins to pan back slowly, the "Magic Mike" star gazes into the camera and we discover that last year's Sexiest Man Alive is standing on two food carts. Two assistants push the carts apart to try to show Tatum's shocking flexibility.

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"This test was set up to demonstrate the stability and precision of the food carts on the set of '22 Jump Street,'" an onscreen message reads.

But how does Tatum fare next to the 53-year-old star of martial arts-charged action flicks "Death Warrant," "Bloodsport," "Double Impact"? Watch the clip to find out:

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And while you're at it, please enjoy Van Damme's gravity defying performance one more time.

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