Children’s Charity Defends John Mayer as “Kind, Compassionate”

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While John Mayer continues to catch heat over his anti-gay and racially insensitive remarks during an interview published last week with Playboy magazine, a charity organization has spoken out in defense of the singer.

In a message posted on the Web site for The Isaac Foundation – an organization which raises support for children with a rare enzyme deficiency known as MPS VI – a spokesperson for the charity says the John Mayer they've come to know over the years is a far cry from his public persona.

"I thought I would take to our blog to write a quick defense of John Mayer, someone that I have grown to respect for the kind, caring, and compassionate person that he truly is," the message posted on the site read. "I don't care what Playboy Magazine writes about the man, and I don't care what John says to the journalists that write what they do about him. In America, it's all part of the game…light up the blogosphear [sic], stay relevant - end of story."

According to the foundation's blog, Mayer has donated his time and efforts to the organization, and even had the founding family and their son Isaac (who suffers from MPS VI) backstage as his concert in Toronto in Sunday. The site includes blog posts about their time with the singer dating back to July 2008.

"I know he has said things that turn people off. I know he's said things that make him sound like someone you would never want your children around - ever. But I also know the person that he truly is and the good things he tries to accomplish with the celebrity status he's achieved," the blog, signed "With Love, The Isaac Foundation," continued. "A few minutes ago I asked Isaac to tell me three words he would use to describe John and he responded 'Nice, Friendable [sic], and Loveable.' Print that bloggers, and give John his fair shake."

While Mayer has remained silent since an on-stage apology following his quotes in Playboy, he briefly broke his Twitter silence late Sunday night to post a message about Isaac with a link to the foundation's site.

"Thank you Toronto. Here is my friend Isaac I was telling you about. He made me the valentine card tonight," he Tweeted.

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