Cookie-Thieving Squirrel Launches at Officers After Breaking Into Home in NY: Bodycam Video

The critter ricochets off walls and launches at officers who were called to catch it

What to Know

  • A rogue squirrel broke into an Upstate woman's home and started eating her cookies
  • Police bodycam footage shows officers responding to the woman's kitchen, where the squirrel jumped around chaotically
  • The squirrel was eventually caught and released unharmed

A cookie-stealing, music-loving squirrel soared around a woman’s kitchen, targeting officers as they tried to catch it Upstate, bodycam video shows.

The chaos unfolded at a home in Brockport, northwest of Rochester, on Friday, police said.

Brockport Police posted bodycam footage of the ordeal to their Facebook page. They said they were called to the home to catch a squirrel that had broken in and was eating cookies in the kitchen.

“Officers Sime and Dawson arrived on scene but were not at all expecting the warm welcome they would receive from the squirrel,” the Facebook post reads.

Music can be heard blaring in the background of the video as police enter the kitchen.

“The squirrel turned it on,” a woman can be heard saying to the officers.

“The squirrel turned it on?” the officer says.

Moments later, the squirrel comes into view. It ricochets off the ceiling, falls onto a table and launches itself right at the officer.

The squirrel then darts into the hallway as officers laugh hysterically.

After that, the critter zigzags back into the kitchen, jumps across a number of tables and disappears behind what appears to be a stove.

Police said the squirrel was ultimately captured and released uninjured.

“The homeowner was very relieved that their uninvited guest was set free,” police said in the Facebook post.

It’s not the first mischievous squirrel to make the news this holiday season.

Earlier this month, a squirrel was caught sabotaging a New Jersey town’s Christmas display by severing light cords.

And a New Jersey family found an obese squirrel was the thief that’d been stealing candy, tissues and lip balm from a tray they’d left on their front stoop for delivery people.

And yet again in New Jersey, a rogue squirrel was captured on video running amok in a Little Caesars Pizza.

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