Eli Roth Will Actually Produce a Film Based on That Awesome “Clown” Trailer


A few weeks ago, a trailer popped up online for a horror film called "Clown," which claimed to be "FROM MASTER OF HORROR ELI ROTH." As good as it was -- and it was very good -- it was pretty obviously a fake. Turns out it's going to be real soon enough.

The clip was made by Brooklyn filmmakers Jon Watts and Christopher D. Ford, a couple of unknowns who were afraid that Roth might sue. Instead, Roth is going to produce a feature-length film based on the clip.

The original "Clown" trailer shows a father who dons a wig, nose and baggy pants after last-minute cancellation on the day of his son's birthday party by a clown-for-hire. Once the party is over, the father realizes the clown costume has taken over his body.

"This is so good even I thought it was real: http://youtu.be/utmvmr7cgcg I WANT TO SEE CLOWN!!" tweeted Roth on Oct. 18, upon seeing the clip. Now, thanks to Roth, we're all gonna get to see it.

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