Florida Police Warn of ‘Embarrassing' Facebook Scam Targeting Men

Police departments across the U.S. are warning of an embarrassing – and possibly viral – Facebook scam targeting men.

The Gainesville Police Department is investigating a scam that is initiated when an attractive female Facebook user, usually from the Philippines, sends and unsuspecting male a friend request on the social network.

After the friend request is accepted, a private video chat soon follows.

"The video chat escalates rapidly to some… well... more of an adult encounter," the police department posted on Facebook warning of the scam.

Once the video chat ends, the pretty scammer demands thousands of dollars from the duped male user, or the explicit video will be released to the public.

These crimes generally originate from outside the U.S., so prosecuting and investigating these incidents are nearly impossible.

"So please, gentleman – be smart," the police department advised. "Don't show something to someone you don't know over the internet that would make your mother blush."

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