Fort Worth Woman Wakes Up As Tornado Ripped Off Her Roof

A Fort Worth woman was awakened by strong storms early Wednesday just as the roof above her bedroom was blown off.

Tanya Tew says it was like a scene from the movie "The Wizard of Oz" and she felt like Dorothy.

"I looked up and I could see the ceiling fan coming down at me and then it started lifting back up and I just ran," said Tew.

As she picked up the pieces Wednesday afternoon, Tew said her greatest struggle now is not knowing the next step.

"You are never prepared for it," she said.

Tew will need to replace her roof, bedroom ceiling, bed and other belongings damaged in the storm. She expects to meet with insurance adjusters on Thursday.

"Things can be replaced. I am just thankful that everyone is safe," Tew said. "I will just sleep in another room. I am not going back in there for awhile."

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