Eric Hinton

Internet Says LMNOOOO to Remixing Classic ABC Nursery Rhyme

The proposed new spin on the classic tune is catching major backlash

Sometimes the classics are best left alone.

And is there anything more classic than the ABC nursery rhyme? The traditional "now I know my ABC's" rhyme has been a staple American households as far back as most can remember helping toddlers learn the alphabet. The rhyme even predates the Kardashians!

But now the song has received a remix thanks to the YouTube account Dream English Kids, which produces children's education songs and music to help non-native speakers learn English. Their goal? To unclutter the stumbling blocks of "LMNOP" which often comes tumbling out of the mouths of toddlers as "elemenopee."

But the proposed new spin on the classic tune in which L-M-N-O-P is slowed down to add clarification is doing nothing short of enraging the internet.

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