Apple Pulls App Simulating School Shooting

Critics found the game 'tasteless'

A new iPhone application let users go on a killing spree on a school campus -- until Apple dropped it under pressure from outraged critics.

The "Zombie School" app took you into the world of the Zombie Shooting Tower. Your school campus was infested with zombie cheerleaders, jocks, nerds and teachers, and the game challenged you to eliminate them all with a machine gun, bow and arrow or hand grenade.

Almost as soon as it became available, the app is was bashed for appearing to glorify school violence.

Developed by publisher Retarded Arts, the 99-cent game app was yet another example of Apple's inconsistent policy on iPhone application approvals, according to PC World.

When Apple first launched the App Store in March 2008, the company said it would carefully vet every single application submitted to the App Store and approve or reject applications based on its internal standards. But some of those approved have stirred up controversy.

Many other questionable Apple apps slipped by -- such as "Pornography" and "Baby Shaker" -- but were quickly pulled from Apple's App Store soon after they were approved.

Another new app creating buzz this week is "Cannabis." for just $2.99, a tap to the touchscreen lets you locate local legal marijuana suppliers.

"Zombie School" was up on the Apple iTunes App Store, but the game is no longer available for download, reported Wired News. Apple has yet to comment on its removal.

There are currently more than 65,000 downloaded apps that Apple offers for its iPhone and iPod touch, of varying quality and price.

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