Knocking Back Too Many ‘Quarantinis'? Here's How to Keep Drinking in Check

Your home bar has never been better stocked, but are you maintaining healthy drinking habits while under lockdown?

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As more people began sheltering in their homes throughout the month of March to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, retail alcohol sales in the U.S. started to rise along with sales of cleaning products, toilet paper and food, according to NBC News.

While the spike in sales may be good for the alcohol industry (which is taking a big hit in its on-premise sector), the stockpiling of booze is something to watch very carefully, according to Wendy McClary, a licensed marriage and family therapist practicing in Vermont and Massachusetts.

McClary says under normal circumstances “most adults who drink are able to do so within responsible limits.” But studies show that catastrophic events can trigger increased substance use. It can be tempting to self-medicate with alcohol. “In small quantities,” says McClary, “alcohol can help reduce anxiety, but it’s mainly a depressant.” 

In order to enjoy all those virtual happy hours without overdoing it, experts suggest setting limits on how much you're drinking, curbing sugary cocktails and adding low- or no-alcohol drinks to your rotation.

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