Most Hated “Bachelor” Ever Brad Womack Returns for Another Season

If we thought Jake Pavelka was being cheeky for reportedly trying to find a second chance on "The Bachelor," imagine the shock of finding out the ultimate "Bachelor" cad Brad Womack will return for romance in season 15.

The former contestant and self-titled "Biggest Jerk in America" appeared on season 11 and shockingly rejected his final two contestants -- saying goodbye to cheerleader Jenni Croft and real estate agent Denna Pappas.

They were not the only ones left in tears.

In a world where one season's shock is the next season's yawn, this season 11 double-snub is still considered a national wound that has not healed. Tea Party folks and raging liberals alike can find common ground in their rage for Womack who shattered the very notion of romantic love this ridiculous (but utterly watchable) reality show is supposed to cultivate.

Who could spend time with 25 beautiful women, who are clawing for even a moment of time with you, in the most romantic settings in the world, and not walk away with at least one?

Womack, that's who.

He even told ABC his thoughts before giving the double-smackdown. "Not only am I dumping two girls, but I'm doing it on national television," he recalled. "I am about to be the biggest jerk in America."

Yet, he's coming back for another chance at love, starting in January.

"Bachelor" host Chris Harrison told Ryan Seacrest's radio show that Womack has been going to therapy to get over his relationship issues and wants to show the world "I'm a different man."

For his sake, he'd better be. And he will take home a bride-to-be this year or townsfolk will be running for pitch forks and torches and hunting this "Bachelor" through the woods.

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