Almost 20 Women Wonder: Were Our Babies Stolen?

Close to 20 women who were told their babies had died in a St. Louis hospital have reached out to a lawyer after another woman who was told the same was reunited with her still-living daughter 49 years later. Melanie Diane Gilmore, 49, recently reunited with her mom Zella Jackson Price, 76, after Gilmore's granddaughter tracked down her birth mom from a birth certificate. DNA testing confirmed Price was Gilmore's mom. Now, the lawyer says the new women who have come forward are telling stories of experiences similar to Price's, and say they worry their babies were taken. The lawyer says he thinks the babies were sold to adoptive parents, and he filed court papers Monday seeking files and adoption records. One such woman, Brenda Stewart, gave birth in 1964 to a seemingly healthy baby when she was 16, before a nurse told her the baby had died. "They told me I didn't need a baby," Stewart said. "I know my baby's not dead."

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