Charlie Sheen Does D.C., Detests “Ex-Wives”

The Sheen saga continues.

The actor, whose “Torpedo of Truth: Defeat Is Not An Option” tour is still on its 20-city traveling circuit, rushed from a Los Angeles court hearing to his show at the DAR Constitution Hall to tell more tales of “winning.”

He was 67 minutes late to his own party.

The Washington Post’s Dan Zak noted Sheen was so outrageous (saying that at least his birth certificate was not “Photoshopped”) it was hard to tell if he was delusional or just off-color.

The big question, of course, was whether or not Sheen would address the lost custody battle with ex-girlfriend Brooke Mueller. And the answer is—yes, and no. Yes, he talked about it, but not in an intelligible way.

Sheen opened with a rambling monologue about how much he hates ex-wives and not securing sole-custody of his kids. When asked how he'd handle Libyan dictator Moammar Khaddafy, Sheen replied, "I'd make him marry [my ex-wives] Brook and Denise."

For the majority of the show, Sheen was interviewed by WBIG host Tommy Griffiths about Marlon Brando.  According to the Post, the crowd was vastly unhappy whenever Sheen wasn't talking about goddesses, drugs, and tiger blood.

"Say something weird!" an audience member yelled out, possibly hoping for more stream-of-consciousness from the former "Two and a Half Men" actor.

Two familiar faces in the audience were Tariq and Michaele Salahi, the former “D.C. Housewives” stars and, perhaps more notably, the White House gate-crashers, who were signing autographs in the lobby, the Washington Post reported.

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