Why Christie Better Be Telling the Truth

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie offered a full-throated case Thursday that he had known nothing about his aides' apparent plot to engineer a traffic nightmare on the George Washington Bridge as political payback. That, according to NBC News, means the stakes for his story are ever higher, and if any holes are found in it, the penalty could be severe. Christie told reporters at his close to two-hour press conference that he had had no knowledge of or involvement in the scheme and only learned of it Wednesday morning — in a defense that could reassure potential 2016 voters, but it could also unravel his presumptive presidential bid, should any holes emerge. "The question is whether this is the first shoe to drop or the last shoe to drop,” a veteran South Carolina GOP operative said. "I suspect he'll fare pretty well about it as long as he’s telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God."

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