Hospital Won’t Release Octuplets

031609 Suleman P1

Nadya Suleman will have to wait a bit longer before the first of her octuplets come home. 

Officials from Kaiser Permanente, the hospital where the preemies are currently staying, deemed Suleman’s new 2,500 square foot La Habra, Calif. home unfit for the brood, according to
"I'm really upset about this,” Suleman told  “I really wanted to return to a normal life.  I know the hospital is doing its best for the kids but I never asked for all of this.  It just makes me sad and I'm going to do everything I can to get them back but I also need to please the hospital,"
Hospital officials said that the local gas company still needs to inspect the premises and that CO2 detectors need to be installed before they will release Noah and Isaiah, the first pair of octuplets slated to go home with their octomom.
Last week Suleman skipped a scheduled walk through her house with hospital social workers. They did make recommendations, and the octomom spent most of the weekend baby proofing the house---except for when she was at Disneyland.
The hospital did not provide a date for when the children will be allowed to move into their new house, but they told that they expected to start sending the babies home "soon" The octo-litter has been in the hospital since January 26, when Suleman gave birth to the set.
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