N.C. ‘Can Opener’ Bridge Continues to Slice Trucks

yovo68 / YouTube

It's known as "the can opener."

A railroad bridge in Durham, North Carolina, has been the scene of at least 101 accidents since 2008 involving trucks and other large vehicles that slammed into the bottom of the structure, NBC News reported.

Jurgen Henn has been documenting crashes at the can opener, using web cameras to capture video of the collisions when drivers slam into the bridge.

"It's pretty crazy sometimes," Henn, who works in an office across the street and posts the videos online, said. "I mean, some of these truck crashes they block the road for hours."

The underpass, located at South Gregson Street near Peabody Street, has a clearance of 11 feet, 8 inches.

The bridge is over a local road but the Federal Highway Administration recommends that underpasses should have at least 14 feet of clearance.

And North Carolina law sets a maximum height for trailers at 13 feet, 6 inches, according to the AAA, well below the height of the can opener.

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