Obama Defends Policies, Calls Trump's Proposals ‘Crazy'

Obama spoke Wednesday in Elkhart, Indiana, the first town he visited as president in 2009

President Obama blasted Republican Donald Trump on Wednesday, calling one of the billionaire’s proposals “crazy” during a visit to Elkhart, Indiana, NBC News reported. 

While not using Trump’s name, Obama referred to the “Republican nominee,” calling the proposal to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants a “fantasy,” and dismissed Trump’s view that immigrants are taking jobs away from native-born Americans. 

Obama defended his policies and rebutted rhetoric that trade agreements are costing the U.S. jobs. 

"America's economy is not just better than it was eight years ago. It is the strongest and most durable economy in the world," he said at Concord High School in Elkhart.         

The northern Indiana town of 50,000 was the first city Obama visited in 2009 as president. Back then, he highlighted the area’s rapidly increasing jobless rate, which eventually reached almost 20 percent.

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