Rob Lowe Talks Partying With Madonna in the ’80s in New Memoir

In his new book, Love Life, he writes that he once had the chance to hook up with Madonna--and he kinda blew it.


Rob Lowe once led quite the wild life, a fact he wasn't shy about sharing in his 2011 memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends.

And it turns out that he had way more to tell!

Just for starters, in his new book, Love Life, he writes that he once had the chance to hook up with Madonna--and he kinda blew it.

Per an excerpt obtained by the New York Post, a then barely 20-year-old Lowe caught one of the Material Girl's concerts in L.A. and, not surprisingly, he was very intrigued by the "Like a Virgin" artist.

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But, he adds, it was Madonna who requested his presence backstage afterward. (Also not hard to believe, considering what Rob Lowe looked--and continues to look--like.)

"She was cute and she was young and she was single, so I sat front-row...she was a revelation," Lowe writes. "'Madonna would like to see you backstage,' a security guard said as the house lights came up."

So far, so good.

Love Life continues: "She had flawless skin and eyes that imparted secrets...she asked what I was working on and I told her a bit about St. Elmo's Fire, which I had just finished. 'I play the bad boy,' I said. Madonna just smiled. She seemed to like that." (Case in point, Madonna would go on to marry Sean Penn in 1985.)

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Fast forward some months later, they had a date to meet at the bumpin' Palladium nightclub in Hollywood.

They were sitting in the VIP area, Lowe writes, and were talking about what to do afterward, when Madonna decided it was time to dance.

He recalls saying that he would wait for her, and she replied, "'Suit yourself,'" and disappeared into the crowd.

"'You're crazy,' I said, half meaning it," Lowe writes. "'No I'm not,' she said...'I'm just not going to let success f--k up my fun.'"

And let that be a lesson for all: When Madonna asks you to get into the groove, you say, "Yes!"

Lowe's Love Life hits both the literal and online shelves April 8.

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