Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone Steam Up New “Gangster Squad” Trailer

Theater-shooting scene edited out post-"Dark Knight" tragedy; hard-boiled plot and lusty romance are intact.

"Gangster Squad" is back in action, with one exception.

As promised by Warner Bros. in the wake of the "Dark Knight Rises" shooting in July, a scene featuring a gun fight in a movie theater has been excised from the film. The original trailer, which showed a snippet of that scene, had been playing before some "Dark Knight" showings and was instantly yanked by the studio.

If not for the senseless tragedy, "Gangster Squad" would have hit theaters Sept. 7, but its release was bumped to Jan. 11 to accommodate the reshoot.

"No question" theater shooting cut into "Dark Knight Rises" box office

Which, from what we can tell, didn't leave the film wanting for gun violence.

"Gangster Squad" still looks like it'll be bloody as hell and almost every scene in the trailer involves firearms, most of them quite big -- though, in this version, none are fired in a 1950s-era movie palace where innocent civilians are settling down to enjoy a picture.

Otherwise, you've got the same ruthless criminals headed up by Sean Penn's Mickey Cohen (and, we're guessing, some dirty cops), the same hard-boiled detectives played by Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin, and--perhaps most importantly--the same steamy chemistry between Gosling and Emma Stone.

If you were going to enjoy "Gangster Squad" before, trust us, it's still gonna be a real blast.

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