‘Invisible' Children's Halloween Costume Raises Concerns

On Halloween, kids are twice as likely to get hit by a car than any other day of the year. Safety experts are worried that risk might increase this year because of a new costume.

The “invisible” bodysuit is an all black bodysuit which covers a child’s entire body, including the face, in black fabric. The costume makes it harder for drivers to see kids and for kids to see drivers, according to a "Today" show report. Multiple companies make it and the packaging includes a warning about impaired vision. The bodysuit also comes in a variety of colors.

“Kids won’t be seen, especially if they’re darting out into the street,” Kate Carr, the president and CEO of Safe Kids Worldwide, told "Today."

Safety experts recommend that kids — no matter what costume they’re sporting — wear glowsticks or similar devices to make them more visible to drivers.

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