Sandra Bullock Asked to Return “Razzie”

Bullock accused of taking handmade prototype worth thousands

Talk about bad timing.

Actress Sandra Bullock is being asked to return her Razzie award for “All About Steve,” though not because she deserves to catch a break or because the film is any less of a “stinker.”

"As Sandra was in such a rush after winning Worst Actress she ran off with the original handmade prototype which has been present at ceremonies since the 1980s," Razzie Awards co-founder John Wilson told the U.K. Daily Telegraph.

Wilson said Razzie recipients are usually given a $4.79 replica of the tongue-in-cheek award, which depicts a raspberry on top of a gold, spray-painted film reel. The original trophy could fetch thousands from collectors, according to the Telegraph.

Razzie award organizers said they realized Bullock snagged the wrong trophy around the same time news broke of her hubby Jesse James’ alleged infidelities. They held off on requesting the item's return out of respect for the Oscar-winner’s privacy, Wilson said.

"She's a lovely person and it saddens me that somebody that good-hearted has been through what she has,” he told the Telegraph. "However nothing stops 'All About Steve' from being a stinker of movie."

Bullock joked in her Oscar acceptance speech for “The Blind Side” that winning a Razzie the same week was a “great equalizer.”

Wilson said Bullock really wasn’t the worst actress of the year, just to correct the record.

“I mean – did anyone actually see Megan Fox in Transformers 2?” he told the Telegraph.

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