Shea Moisture's ‘Hair Hate' Ad Pulled After Backlash

"Wow, okay - so guys, listen, we really f-ed this one up," the company said as it pulled the ad

Skin care company Shea Moisture delivered a mea culpa Monday after a new ad campaign sparked outrage on social media, NBC News reported.

The brand is known for celebrating black women, its target audience, but many were taken aback to see that its #EverybodyGetsLove campaign only featured one black woman among four in the ad who say Shea Moisture products delivered them from "hair hate."

Twitter users mocked the campaign as "#AllHairMatters" and whitewashing. Many black women who spoke up online felt it was an erasure of the loyal demographic who have used the product for years, though some were supportive.

By Monday evening Shea Moisture pulled the ad from Facebook and offered an apology: "Wow, okay - so guys, listen, we really f-ed this one up."

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