Saturday Night Live

Stars Ham It Up at “SNL” 40th Anniversary Show

"Saturday Night Live" celebrated 40 years of comedy with a star-studded anniversary special Sunday night. Former hosts and Hollywood's finest took to social media to share the fun from NBC's live 40th anniversary show.

Sixteen-time host Alec Baldwin stood beside Governor Sarah Palin and said "SNL" brings people together regardless of their politics. The two kicked off the live red carpet special.

The comedy reunion brought back former hosts, cast members and musical guests.

"It’s like going back to your old high school. Everything seems really tiny," said former cast member Eddie Murphy from the red carpet. Tonight marks Murphy's first time revisiting "SNL" in three decades.

Chevy Chase said he liked hosting but missed being a cast member more. Musical guest Jon Bon Jovi reminisced that "SNL" was a staple of his teenage life.

"It's like 'SNL' heaven up there," said former cast member Maya Rudolph.
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