‘Trial & Error' Star John Lithgow Talks Steve Martin With Harry

The actor reads a letter from Steve Martin to Harry

"Trial & Error" star John Lithgow talks to Harry about a rejection letter he once received from Steve Martin.

The actor says he was cut from Steve Martin's film "LA Story" and Steve sent him a letter.

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"He wrote me the classiest letter to explain what had happened. Actor’s can perfectly well accept being cut from something there are always reasons but they are almost never told that’s the galling thing. Steve knew that so he wrote me a letter, I’ll read you the opening, 'Dear John, Sometimes in the history of great film performances like Dustin Hoffman for example in On The Waterfront, or Laurence Olivier in The Killing Fields, but wait you say Dustin Hoffman wasn’t in On The Waterfront. Laurence Olivier wasn’t in The Killing Field. My point exactly,' he tells Harry.

To see the full interview, check out "Harry."

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