Two-Toned Shoes On: Bowlers Go for World Record

The fantastic shoes, the sparkly hued balls, the "in your face" body twirl you do as you turn to face your crowd following a strike.

Bowling remains something we all like to do, whether we do it for sport, nostalgia, or simply to heave heavy round objects toward glow-in-the-dark pins while music blares late into a weekend night. So when National Bowling Day rolls around -- yep, we said rolls, rolls like a three-holed, 14-pound beauty with plenty of backspin -- we take notice.

The day is Saturday, September 5th, and at bowling centers across the land people have their eyes on the pins, plus one common goal: break the world record for most games bowled in a single day. There is also a coupon (check to make sure your local alley is participating in the coupon deal) and other good bowling-ish to-dos to spare.

Will we dress up as our favorite bowling alley denizen, the Dude? Or will we gussy up a la "Grease 2" and do a bit of shimmying around the lanes? Until they ask us to stop.

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