Track The Status of Your Mail-In Ballot in South Florida

Voting by mail

If you voted by mail in South Florida, tracking the status of your ballot is simple and only takes a few clicks.

First, to access your voter registration information, enter your name and birthday on the Division of Elections website. Your name, address, voter identification number and other details will appear, including your party and voter status.

You can check the status of your ballot -- and whether it’s been received and counted -- by entering your name and birthday on your county’s Supervisor of Elections website. The status of your ballot, retrieval date, and delivery date will be displayed. You will also be able to see when your vote has been counted.

See the links below to track your ballot in your individual county.

Miami-Dade County - Click Here

Broward County - Click Here

Monroe County - Click Here

Palm Beach County - Click Here

Remember, if you requested a mail-in ballot but have concerns about mail-in voting, you can always drop off your ballot at one of several early voting locations across South Florida. Click here for a list of locations across South Florida.

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