Palin Sighted at Gun Show

First appearance since resigning last week

Free from her old job as Alaska governor, Sarah Palin resurfaced over the weekend at a friendly venue -- a gathering of gun collectors.

The former vice presidential candidate, who resigned as governor on July 26, gave a speech Saturday night at the Anchorage banquet which capped a four-day National Rifle Association seminar.

NRA director Wayne Anthony Ross told The Associated Press that Palin attended a dinner with husband Todd and spoke to about 130 attendees about gun rights.

Palin, a polarizing figure who electrifies conservative voters as much as she angers liberals, resigned with 16 months left on her term as governor. Ardent fans who believe she is the  Republican Party's best hope for recapturing the White House have been buzzing on the Internet about what Palin might do next.

One thing Palin is not planning to do, according to her attorney Thomas Van Flein, is get a divorce. After several Alaska-based bloggers reported the couple is about to split up, Van Flein put out a statement calling the reports a "vicious" rumor.

"I spoke to Sarah and Todd this morning," Van Flein said Sunday. "They are not getting a divorce."

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