Politi-quotes: The Week in One-Liners

Drumroll please...

The week's top ten quotes in politics:

"First time I heard that, I thought it had something to do with horses." –Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, discussing a bilateral investment treaty, or BIT.

"I do, of course, think about our time together, and there are times when I think about doing that" –Ex-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, asked if he's ever tempted to call George W. Bush (via the New York Times magazine).

"Well, did the Secretary know that her husband was traveling?" –A reporter's question to State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood following news of Bill Clinton's trip to North Korea.

"My mom wouldn't think so." –White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, after a reporter called him "funny."

"Looking trim and summer like in a khaki suit..." –Washington Post reporter Michael Fletcher, beginning a pool report on Vice President Joe Biden.

"I got more fan mail about my bald head [during chemotherapy] than I did about public policy issues." –Sen. Arlen Specter, at the Lasker Foundation and FNIH awards this week.

"just met the presidents dog!! so cute" –Tennis star Andy Roddick, Twittering from his White House tour.

"What you would do to get on [MTV’s] ‘Real World, D.C.’" - A question asked of applicants for Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's open legislative-assistant position.

"I offered to get his kids into Harvard, if he doesn't arrest me ever again." –Henry Louis Gates, Jr., on his "Beer Summit" with Sgt. Joseph Crowley.

"Honestly, I disagree with you. I think if she was available, she would." –TV talker Donny Deutsch, stating his chances of dating Sarah Palin, should she ever get divorced.

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