“We're Going To Do It With Florida,” Ann Romney Predicts

Her family has gotten her through her health battles, she told NBC 6 South Florida

Ann Romney predicted Thursday that her husband would take the presidency with a win in the Sunshine State.

“We’re going to do it with Florida,” said the woman who would become the 45th first lady of the United States if the GOP ticket of Mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan defeats Democratic incumbents President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

With the 2012 election in the homestretch, Ann Romney visited sick children at the Chris Evert Children's Hospital in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday – and sat down with NBC 6 South Florida to discuss life on the campaign trail.

She said her family is what has gotten her through her health battles.

“Family is everything,” said Romney, a cancer survivor who has lived with multiple sclerosis for 15 years. “And when I was the sickest and thinking that my life was really over, Mitt was there saying, ‘It’s OK, we’re OK, as long as we’re together we can do anything.’”

Fiercely protective of her husband, Ann Romney hates what she calls the unfair attacks towards him, but is willing to endure them for the good of the country.

She said it is very hard to hear some of the negative things that are said about him. Four years ago, she said she’d never go through a presidential campaign again, she noted.

“The negative attacks and everything else is so difficult for a family to live through,” said Romney, who is a mother of five and grandmother of 18. “And yet this time around I was more than ever committed to doing it. And I just made a decision in my mind that those things were not going to change, they were still going to be there – I wasn’t going to let it bother me.”

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She called her husband – a former governor of Massachusetts who, before that, saved the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City – “a great leader.”

“He’s able to bring a lot of people together, to join consensus and to get the ball going. So he’s a can-do kind of guy,” she said. “I said in my convention speech he’s a person that does not fail.”

After the first presidential debate – widely seen as a win for Mitt Romney – the two couples shared a private moment on stage in Colorado.

Ann Romney said it was “just friendly.”

“It’s interesting. I’m sure people say how in the world do you do that, but we’re kind of used to it,” she said. “We’ve done 21 debates, we’ve had a lot of opponents. There’s no animosity between the spouses at all.”

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