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Wade to Make Balloon Animals During Lock Out

Miami Heat star tweets he is looking for a job



    Wade to Make Balloon Animals During Lock Out
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    Dwyane Wade needs a new job.

    Technically, Dwyane Wade can be counted among the millions of Floridians unemployed.

    With the NBA lock out in its first day, the Miami Heat superstar wasted little time getting his resume on the Internet in hopes of finding a gig to pass the time.

    At 12:01 a.m., just as the lock out started, Wade began marketing himself to potential employers on Twitter.

    "Any1 hiring?" Wade tweeted. "I'm available for all bar and bat mitzvah and weddings..but my specialty is balloon animals."

    We wonder can he make hot air replicas of his teammates Chris Bosh and LeBron James?

    MV3 also listed his qualifications, including "work well with others," although he admits sometimes he gets tired. He also said he is more than capable of writing jokes for any comedians who need a little help.

    Not sure if the employers are beating down Wade's door, but there can't be too many companies that can afford his $15 million salary.

    At least Heat fans can feel comfortable knowing Wade isn't risking his life during the lock out like Chad Ochocinco has while the NFL is in its work stoppage.

    Then again, it is only Day 1, and who knows how desperate a millionaire will get without a job.