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Dolphins Planning for Regime Change: Report

Stephen Ross already losing hope in a turnaround, exploring coaching options



    Dolphins Planning for Regime Change: Report
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    The Miami Dolphins could still conceivably turn their season around, but owner Stephen Ross is reportedly already planning his house-cleaning strategy should the team continue to flounder.

    The Miami Herald reported Monday that Ross will very likely replace coach Tony Sparano and general manager Jeff Ireland if the Dolphins complete another losing season, citing an unnamed source within the organization.

    The Herald said Ross "is sober about his team's chances," and is not optimistic that the team can reverse its fortunes midway through the season.

    The question of who would replace Sparano and Ireland is a bit murky, however, as it is unknown who will be available at the end of the current season. According to the Herald, Ross would like to either hire a "superstar head coach" that can also GM duties or a "football czar type" that would hire his own protege coach.

    In either case, Ross will try to hire a star with coaching experience. The Herald listed former coaches Bill Cowher, Jeff Fisher and Jon Gruden as possible candidates. All three have led a team to a Super Bowl.

    "We can't afford to take that gamble,” the source told the Herald. “The guy we hire to run this team won't be learning on the job."

    Most interesting of all is the fact that Ross may be a closeted Andrew Luck fan. "Ross is so focused on getting his team a franchise quarterback that he has told friends, much as losses pain him in the short-term, he's aware they offer long-term gain because they put Miami in better position" to draft Luck, the Herald reported.

    But while Ross may be a proponent of Suck for Luck, the same can't be said for Luck himself. When asked by the New York Times last week whether he had heard about the phenomenon of NFL fans hoping their teams lose on purpose so they can draft him, Luck said "I think it's stupid. Simply put."

    Well, at least we already know Luck has one thing in common with Dan Marino.