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Dolphins Cut Employee Salaries, Cite Lockout

Team employees forced to pay for owners' lockout



    Dolphins Cut Employee Salaries, Cite Lockout
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    Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross might not receive many gifts when the next National Boss Day rolls around.

    At Miami Dolphins headquarters the ongoing NFL lockout is no longer a case of millionaire players versus billionaire owners. Now Dolphins team employees are suffering due to the ownership-imposed lockout.

    The Miami Herald, citing multiple sources, reports that the Dolphins have instituted mandatory pay cuts across their entire staff, blaming weak ticket sales due to the lockout.

    Staff members making over $75,000 will see a 20 percent pay cut. Anyone making between $50,000 and $75,000 will see a 15 percent cut while employees earning less than $50,000 will take a 10 percent cut.

    When asked about the cuts by the Herald, Dolphins representative Harvey Greene said, "We're a private company. We don't comment publicly about our internal practices."

    The Herald's sources say lost wages could be returned to the employees "if the team reaches their organizational sales goals." But those sources are not optimistic about that possibility.

    The Dolphins are supposedly among the 31 NFL teams requiring season ticket holders to make payments for their tickets during the lockout. Even so, the Dolphins' sales goals "are extremely far from being met."

    Regardless of ticket sales, it seems pretty unfair that the Dolphins would blame the wage cuts on a lockout entirely of NFL owners' choosing.

    Dolphins employees are simply caught in the crossfire between players and owners, which only helps the ownership group who would rather forgo the 2011 season than continue to play under the existing collective bargaining agreement.

    The whole situation stinks.