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LeBron Gets Dethroned, Dunked On in Asia

No word on whether Knicks have offered contract to Asian youngster



    LeBron Gets Dethroned, Dunked On in Asia
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    Nothing LeBron James does goes undocumented today, especially when he's doing something potentially embarrassing on a basketball court.

    But while in Asia on a promotional tour with Nike last week, James found himself on the wrong side of a poster-worthy dunk (see video below). After getting stripped at the three-point line, LeBron unsuccessfully tried to pull off one of his come-from-behind blocks on the fast break, but whiffed big time.

    It's not the most helpless he's ever looked on a basketball court, but on the plus side, now we know who Charles Barkley's favorite Asian basketball player is.

    But maybe if someone tells James that not every foreign basketball player can defend like that guy or shoot like Dirk Nowitzki, he might rethink his stance against playing overseas during the NBA lockout.