Answering the Call: A.I. Speaks on Heat

Iverson calls Heat "a great situation"

We've been through the hows and whys of a potential Allen Iverson-to-Miami deal.  Forget the details, financial issues, and likelihood Pat Riley's billionth off-season phone call works out.

Thanks to some tasty comments, now is the time for unbridled, manic wanting.  It's more common than common sense, but it's also all the fun of being a fan -- and hey, there's fuel!

See, Iverson's interested in the Heat.  Very interested. He said so himself following a charity function last night, and further made us all tingly inside confirmed he'd be open to a one-year deal.

''The fact that Dwyane [Wade] is there and Pat Riley has something to do with personnel, it seems like a great situation,'' Iverson said. "I just want a situation where I can win and be happy. Being that those two guys are there, man, it just seems it'll be a good deal.''

"It'll" -- he said "it'll!"  We can make you happy, Mr. Iverson -- right here in Miami.

Seems like Iverson knows it.  "[Wade's] looking for a guy who can take some of the pressure off him, and he can take some pressure off me," he said, comparing the potential relationship to the one he had with Carmelo Anthony in Denver. 

His agent, Leon Rose, said the two parties are talking. ''Some offers are on the table and discussions are ongoing,'' Rose said. "That's all I can really say at this point about that.''

It's a start, though still a long way from an actual agreement. Iverson would have to agree to a pay cut, but that's an actual possibility considering his limited options. Owner Mickey Arison already gave Pat Riley the okay to dive into luxury tax territory, providing it's for either a starter or impact rotation player; the Heat likely see Iverson as the latter, where he could be incredibly effective -- but how much of the latter? 

The Answer says he's gotten used to the idea of not starting, but that's not to say he wants to idly watch Mario Chalmers for four quarters. "With 15 or 20 minutes [of playing time], I may as well stay home and play with my kids," he said. "I can help a team way more than that. I'm not saying I have to start. I want people to know you should earn that. Beat me out. Let's go to camp, and may the best man win. I promise that you won't.'' this room spinning? Because we feel faint.

If there's one thing that might push Riley into taking on The Answer despite his focus on next summer, it's the public "encouragement" he's been getting from Wade to make a move.

Consider us -- and most of Miami -- joining in.

Janie Campbell is a Florida native and sports fan who would airbrush Iverson on a wife beater at the drop of a hat. Obviously.  Her work has appeared in irreverent sports sites around the Internet.

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