Dolphins Just Say No to Vick, For Now

The risks outweigh the rewards of signing the newly-reinstated NFL felon Michael Vick

Talk about grabbing the bull by the horns and humping it into submission before it ever leaves the gate.

Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland has wasted little time Tuesday taking his team off the possible destination for newly-reinstated felon Michael Vick.

"We don't have an interest," Ireland said in a statement Tuesday. "We like the players we have on our current roster."

We like them too, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for one more super explosive, exciting, dynamic, pick any adjective player that could be plugged into the only play that isn't the equivalent of tapioca pudding in this offense. The Wildcat and Vick go together like peanut butter and jelly -- dogfighting baggage be damned.

But you can understand the stance of Ireland, Bill Parcells and Coach Tony Sparano.

With Vick, 29, comes uncertainty, a media firestorm, animal-rights protests and a potential six-game suspension. The Dolphins are deep at QB with Chad Pennington entrenched as the starter and they drafted another Wildcat weapon in Pat White. The team also has a well-manicured, clean-cut, good boy image with few players that make waves. Joey Porter has finally started letting his play do the talking. And the guy with the tattoos, Channing Crowder has already had the muzzle slapped on him by Parcells.

But what's that saying? Good guys finish last in their division if they can't find a way to get speed and talent on the field and score some touchdowns (or something like that). Adding a bad boy with the speed of a gazelle being chased by African predators isn't such a bad idea. Even FIU added a bad boy, although Zeke won't be taking the court in tiny shorts.

The bottom line is Vick could likely help a team with the toughest schedule in the league. The Dolphins brass has several months before it really has to decide on going after Vick. Injuries happen all the time and Vick could be a losing streak away from suiting up in teal and orange.

But for now, he can scratch South Beach off as a destination.

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