Dolphins Lacking Punch in the Power Rankings

Peter King likes half the league more than the Dolphins, but at least Miami is ranked higher than the Lions

The Miami Dolphins are the 17th best team in the league right now.

Time to pop the bubbly!

Considering the Dolphins have added no difference-making talent, have significant question marks at the cornerback and wide receiver positions and the team has by far the toughest schedule in the NFL, that's a win.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King was quite nice to give the 'Phins such a high ranking in his annual NFL hierarchy list, but even he warns fans that the season could spiral toward unbearable losing if starting QB Chad Pennington suffers a significant injury.

At the top of the Power Rankings, by the way, is the New England Patriots, who see the return of Tom Brady. The reigning Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers are second.

King did pull one shocker this year. He ranked the Detroit Lions, who didn't win a game last year, ahead of the Cleveland Browns.

So we guess Dolphins and Lions fans can drink up. Cheers.

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