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We may be sports writers at FanHouse, full of opinion and wisdom and professionalism (or so we like to believe). But while we have to curb our enthusiasm for our favorite teams on the site, on the inside we're just like anyone else, crazy fanatics thirsting to shout our allegiances to the heavens.

We've found an outlet for our fandom, though, at the new FanHouse page on Facebook. Join us, won't you? Let's share favorite links, pics, videos, stories, thoughts. Let's be fans together.

FanHouse on Facebook is more than another avenue to access FanHouse content. It's a place where we can all interact, where you can get to know your favorite and least favorite FanHouse writers and where we can get to know you.

You can even upload your own pictures and videos to the page, so if you happen to see a great game live, bump into Jeff Reed at a bar, or catch someone walking down the street wearing a peculiar jersey, please share it with us. If we really like what you've got, maybe we'll even reward you for it (autographed Shane Bacon 8x10s, anyone?).

So check out the site and become a "fan." We promise we don't bite -- even Will Brinson promises his best behavior. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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