Monster Truck Show Claims Another Life

Last week, a monster truck show spectator lost his life due to debris, and he was only six years old. This week, we have more sad news to pass along, as a 41-year-old promoter was killed in Madison, Wis. Saturday night.

George Eisenhart Jr. accidentally walked in front of a truck just as it was about to pass him by. One important note is that the show was stopped immediately after the accident. You might remember the show went on last week, in fact, additional shows for the weekend still took place.

Either the monster truck industry learned from this ill-advised "show must go on" mentality, or they simply were a bit more shaken as the man killed was an employee. I'll give the benefit of the doubt and believe the former, because hearing about the death of a six year-old should shake some sense into anyone.

This link includes a video, and you can see the victim walk out onto the floor at about the 20 second mark (thankfully, the video stops short of showing him actually get run over). Ironically, the video also contains an interview that took place with Eisenhart before the show. He talks about how safety is an emphasis and even discusses how long it's been since their particular company had an incident.

Our condolences go out to the families and friends of those affected by these two tragedies. We can all only hope that safety becomes even more of an emphasis at these shows in the future.

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