Phenomenal High School Buzzer-Beater

The notion that you can't score a basket with less than 0.3 seconds left is common knowledge. Obviously, most people realize that you can, but it just has to be a tip. It also rarely happens because you have to be able to actually tip the ball into the basket, and the defenses of the world won't really allow anything to happen around the basket. Every once in a while, though, someone finds a way to wow us.

That would be Donte Foster of Guthrie High School in Oklahoma. Props, Donte', especially on your nonchalant demeanor after the play.

Is he really this cool, calm, and collected? That's almost as amazing as the play. Most teenagers would go ballistic after this play. I love that about him already -- is it too late to add Indiana to his college search?

Hat-tip: Newsday blog

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