LeBron's Cartoon Debuts with Life Lessons for All

LeBron tries to make himself the 21st century Aesop

Heat forward LeBron James' cartoon series "The LeBrons" premiered on YouTube this week. The show features the four James personalities (Kid, Business, Athlete, and Wisdom) that appeared in a series of Nike ads a few years ago.

Each episode includes a moral lesson for LeBron's young fans, and the premier is based on the theme "two wrongs don't make a right," which is clearly a subtle dig at James' former boss and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.

Not surprisingly, Team LeBron did not enable comments on the episode's YouTube page. This is too bad, since an unmoderated comments section underneath a LeBron James cartoon would probably have led to some of the most creative vitriol on the Internet (which is a pretty high honor, if you ask us).

The first episode is just over 6 minutes long, but fits in a few interesting coded messages. The episode opens with Kid LeBron and a buddy getting chased on their bikes by their neighbor's pit bull. It's not clear why they are being chased by the dog, so maybe its owner is a Cavs season ticket holder.

Anyway, Business LeBron decides to help Kid out, and brings home a lion from the pet shop to provide Kid with some protection. Perhaps the lion is supposed to represent Mike Bibby, but the lion seems like he plays better defense than Bibby, so it's not a perfect representation.

Eventually Kid realizes (with the help of Wisdom) that siccing the lion on his nemesis wasn't the best idea. He, Business, and Wisdom call off the lion just as he's about to start torturing the dog, and the pit bull thanks them for showing mercy. Everyone lives happily ever after and the lion and Business start a mutual mane-appreciation society.

Perhaps a better (though not exactly kid-friendly) theme for the episode would have been "Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time."

David Hill is a Miami native who is old enough to remember watching ProStars on Saturday mornings.

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