Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins Share Incredible Drone Video Through Training Complex

Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins are flexing their drone skills with a video that was shared to Twitter showcasing the Baptist Health Training Complex.

The drone video weaves in and out of spaces within the complex with ease, from the cafeteria to the indoor and outdoor field to the modern architectural entryway.

The video comes after the Dallas Cowboys shared their own drone video Wednesday morning, hence the "we heard you guys like drone videos" caption on the tweet.

The Cowboys were the focus of this year's HBO Original show 'Hard Knocks.' NFL Films shared the three minute drone video of the team’s practice facility in Frisco, Texas on Twitter.

Back in Miami, Long Snapper Blake Furgeson replied to the tweet saying:

"1. We have the best facility in the league.

2. We have the best drone pilot in the league."

Tight End Hunter Long replied with a simple:

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