Smush Parker Had Problems With Kobe Bryant

Smush Parker was never much of a fan favorite in his playing days with the Lakers, mainly because he simply wasn't very good at basketball. But now, fans have even more of a reason to dislike him, after Parker ripped his former team and its biggest star, Kobe Bryant.

In a brief interview Parker did last summer, he didn't exactly speak highly of his time in Los Angeles, and definitely didn't enjoy being a teammate of Bryant's.

"Playing with the Lakers was an overrated experience," Parker said. "Phil Jackson was great. I don't care what the media says, they said I had a problem with Phil Jackson, but the problem was never with Phil Jackson. It was with your boy, 24. Formerly known as KB, Kobe Bryant."

Parker continued.

"The problems with that team start with him, and end with him."

And why, exactly, is playing for the Lakers an "overrated experience?"

"The reason why I say overrated is because everyone thinks that playing with Kobe Bryant is the best thing since sliced bread, when it's not," Parker said.

Knowing just how much Kobe Bryant gives from an effort standpoint, and knowing how much he wants to win, it's not surprising that Bryant might have been a little hard on Parker during his time with the Lakers. After all, Parker was mostly awful, so he and Bryant probably weren't exactly the best of friends.

To start the interview, Parker -- who's now out of the NBA entirely -- was asked if he had anything going on, or prospects to come back into the league. "You'll be hearing my name again," was Parker's response, but honestly, it will only be if he surfaces again to rip the Lakers or Kobe Bryant. Because as far as legitimate talent is concerned, Smush's was gone a long time ago.

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