Stadium Controversy Hits Facebook

The proposed Marlins stadium is a good idea, at least that’s what it says on Facebook (by the way, you and the stadium can now become friends)


We all saw it, the 25-random-things-about-you quiz that loitered around Facebook just a little too long. You know, the one everyone and your mom answered, littering your brain with factoids you cared little to nothing about.

Well, your mom wasn’t the last to get in on the action. The proposed new home for the Marlins wants you to know some random info about it, too.
Wait, what? Yeah, even a stadium answered the questionnaire.
It’s all part of the plan to win you over to the pro-building side of the stadium. Twenty-five Random Things About Me, by Miami-Dade's Ballpark, includes facts, the Miami Herald points out, like:
“None of the money used in my construction can go to other government services like education, police, public housing or parks. It’s state law!”
And “I’ll have some great views of the Miami skyline from the stands, which should be great for showing off the city during nationally televised games.”
So, we ask: Genius marketing campaign or evil ploy to bombard your Facebook inbox with random junk? Matthew Pinzur, of the county manager’s office and former Herald reporter, would claim it’s a brilliant idea as he’s the one who wrote it alongside the mayor’s communication team.
It seems the county and Mayor Carlos Alvarez also have Facebook pages (These days who doesn’t?) that launched in October and December respectively. But these aren’t just your run-of-the-mill pages to notify you with status updates about their weekend adventures. They’re marketing campaigns and--dare we say--propaganda from the government.
Will you become a friend of either? That's up to you. But maybe you should wait until after the vote on Monday to decide if either is worth your time.
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