Super Shocker: Manning Would Draft Tebow

Tim Tebow could be wearing a Colts uniform next year

Guess who else apparently wears Tim Tebow pajamas? Peyton Manning.

The NFL's version of perfection said Wednesday that he would draft Tebow in a "heartbeat" if he had the chance at the NFL draft, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

"With all the problems we've had on third-and-1, fourth-and-1, short yardage, I'd take him in a heartbeat. He's probably 100 percent in his career on converting those," Manning said. "I've seen him make a lot of [NFL] throws."

Manning's draft analysis might be the most compelling thing to come out of a player during Super Bowl week.

But maybe Manning was too busy game planning for the New Orleans Saints and this game called Super Bowl XLIV to watch Tebow flounder at the Senior Bowl last weekend, but the opinion of the best player in the NFL does carry some weight.

The Colts are assured to draft at the end of the first round and Tebow will most likely still be available. And most scouts believe Tebow is a project at NFL quarterback at least four years away from taking the field under center. And the Great One isn't expected to retire any time soon, so Tebow would have plenty of time to learn under the master.

The Colts have Jim Sorgi and Curtis Painter at back-up which is to say they could use a decent replacement for Manning when he leaves.

And it doesn't hurt to know Tebow won over his rivals greatest alumnus.

"He's done a lot of damage to Tennessee over the years. I'm not disappointed to see him graduate from the University of Florida," Manning said.

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