Tyson To Write, Not Fight

The ear-biting boxer will put down the gloves and pick up the pen

Forget the punching bag. Mike Tyson is gonna punish the English language -- only this time in writing.

The former heavyweight champion and ex-convict will publish a memoir about his time in the ring and in the big house, The New York Post reported today.

Only five publishers will see Tyson's book proposal so that none of its content leaks to the press. The process will be similar to one used by Kurt Cobain when the ex-Nirvana rocker sold his journals to a room of only eight people, an insider told the Post.

Tyson told editors he started writing during his time in prison, the Post reports.

"Me and my cellmate would read to each other at night," Tyson said.

"One night I would read out loud to him, the next night he would read out loud to me. And we would do that back and forth until the book was completed."

Tyson's memoir should be a page-turner - the boxer is infamous for starting fights, talking trash and womanizing.

We're just dying to know how Holyfield's ear tastes.

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